Vassula's was inspired to reproduce "Christ’s Agony in Gethsemane" 48 x 36 inches


      Vassula Rydén is an accomplished artist and she is now making prints of original oil paintings that she created available to us. Some are inspired by paintings of renowned artists of the past century. You can order from this site

      She was inspired to reproduce Christ’s Agony in Gethsemane, a masterpiece by the renowned artist of the last century Carl H. Bloch. Limited edition 

      Vassula receives no personal royalties, fees, or benefits for her paintings. All donations are used for the mission of True Life in God.

      Here are a few specifics:

      • Canvas size: 48 inches x  36 inches (122 cm x 92 cm)
      • Each print is hand signed by the artist, Vassula Ryden, as a faithful reproduction of the original oil painting
      • An original Limited Edition Print on Canvas strictly limited to 200 prints
      • A certificate of authenticity will accompany each canvas
      • Price:   890 euro or 1000 USD a piece
      • Proceeds go to the True Life in God worldwide mission


      "your paintings, Vassula? have I not bestowed upon you this gift of art? has this also not come from Me?"    May 29, 1987

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