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Vassula, here sends a letter encouraging the spreading of a booklet titled “Canticle of the Bridegroom”. The Holy Spirit asked Vassula to prepare this booklet as He said in His message of June 22, 1998:

I, the Lover of mankind, the Lord God, ask you, daughter of the Trinity, to take the other two Canticles, hymned to you by the Father and the Son, together with this one and name our Work: “Canticle of the Bridegroom”.

In order to focus fully and honour the Holy Trinity in this year of the Holy Trinity, God had already given to Vassula, back in 1998, the Heaven-dripping-dew, the “Canticle of the Bridegroom”.

This masterpiece of amorous teachings and Triune sweetness, “was hymned to Vassula by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for this dying generation. and whosoever listens is blessed!” (June 22,1998)

In God’s perfect timing, these special extracts from the “True Life in God” messages, are now printed, published and available in handy booklets, easy to read and carry.

In order that as many souls as possible may listen and subsequently be blessed from this Divine Work, thousands of these booklets need to be distributed.

God has graced us with major distributors around the world that have accepted the responsibility of diffusing the Love Hymn from Heaven. 20,000 of these booklets of the “Canticle of the Bridegroom” require to be distributed so that the Canticle be sung from many hearts throughout the world, acknowledging God as the Bridegroom of their soul.

So, let’s all respond to this call and once more diffuse this treasure into the world, a treasure that God Himself entrusted in our hands. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all, so that the plan of God may be fulfilled in us and in others.

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