Booklet: Extracts From TLIG Messages-Prophecies on Russia
Booklet: Extracts From TLIG Messages-Prophecies on Russia
Booklet: Extracts From TLIG Messages-Prophecies on Russia

Booklet: Extracts From TLIG Messages-Prophecies on Russia

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3 oz 5x8 61 pages

Extracts From The True Life in God Divine Messages; Prophecies on The Russian Orthodox Church

 TLIG RUSSIA PILGRIMAGE; Moscow Patriarchate Meeting 2017

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2017 Honouring Russian Orthodoxy - Theme: How to Bridge our Divisions

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Find more about the 11th TLIG Ecumenical Pilgrimage here:

  "Russia will be the symbol of God’s Glory of God’s Mercy and Love her hymns and chants that are so sweet in Our ears, with her graceful movements, will rise up to heaven like incense;" (TLIG Messages, February 1, 1988)

 The TLIG Messages are divine revelations given to the Greek Orthodox ; Vassula Ryden, who has received them over a period of thirty-five years. The Messages comprise more than one thousand pages and have been endorsed by many religious authorities from all Christian denominations. The purpose of the Messages is to remind individual Christians of the Gospel and help them lead a Christian life amidst a secular society. There is also a remarkable eschatological and prophetic aspect to them. To confirm the divine origin of the Messages, iconic events of our century are prophesied through them, including September 11th and the fall of Communism.
A very large part of the prophecies refers to the spiritual mission of Russia. On February 4th, 1988, God refers to the fact that Russia “will be commemorating her millenary anniversary”, alluding to the foundational event in the history of Russian Orthodox Christianity: in the year 988, Prince Vladimir converted to Christianity and invited the Russian people to the banks of the river Dnieper for a mass baptism. At the same time, the unique blend of Russian patriotism and Christian faith was created, and it even survived the Communist era. In the post-Soviet era, there has been a revival of Christianity, repeatedly prophesied in the True Life in God Messages: God promises to “resurrect” Russia for His Glory.
Similarly, to the past, when the fall of Constantinople made Russians feel that the time had come for them to lead Christendom, in our era, Russia will surpass other nations in its zeal, according to the Messages. At a time when Western culture seems to undermine traditional values and religious and national identities, Russia will ensure their preservation. By contrast with the West, which has “a spirit of rebellion,” the Eastern Church is “the House of Tradition” and can therefore help revive the Church in the West. Christian unity is another important theme, and it will be achieved through Russia: “Russia will govern the rest of My children in holiness”. God promises that He will “lift her to become the head of many nations”. Russia will “resurrect the Church into One”.
We therefore feel that studying the True Life in God Messages can contribute to Christian unity and make Russia aware of its spiritual destiny: to provide strong leadership for Christendom by setting an example, and to revive Christian values in the West. 



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